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Richard Li

  • Born in 1981
  • Experienced Artist
  • International Exposure
  • Art Fair Participant
  • Artist featured by Vinchy Art in a collection

"Transforming Emotions into Abstract Masterpieces, One Brushstroke at a Time."

Richard Li is an experienced artist who specializes in abstract artwork, He is known for his emotionally resonant compositions and his work has garnered acclaim in Hong Kong. His unique approach to abstraction offers a fresh perspective, with a focus on evoking emotions through his work. He aspires to make a lasting impact in the world of abstract art.

"I am Richard Li, an artist captivated by the allure of abstract oil painting. My artistic journey began with an insatiable curiosity for the power of colors, shapes, and emotions. With every brushstroke, I aim to convey the intangible, to bridge the gap between what's seen and what's felt.

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