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Article: Art for Interior Designers: 7 Types of Wall Art You Can't Miss

Art for Interior Designers: 7 Types of Wall Art You Can't Miss

Art for Interior Designers: 7 Types of Wall Art You Can't Miss

Want to add culture and character to your project’s finishing touches? Consider interior design wall art to create a cohesive concept. Using art transforms a home or office space into a more personal vibe and comfortable environment for guests. So, are you ready to turn those bare walls into artistic masterpieces? Let’s get started.   

Why does wall art matter most in interior design?

Interior decorating wall art adds depth and interest to any wall transforming it from plain to polished and bringing it to life. Here are reasons why interior design wall art matters:

Represents personal taste: Your walls are a blank canvas for your story, and displaying art lets you showcase your unique style and personality. For example, a minimalist will likely go for plain art, whereas a chaotic person will likely opt for patterns or splashes of color.

Add the feel of completion to the setup: Empty walls make even the most stylish furniture seem lonely. Wall art fills the void, creating a sense of completion and personal touch. You can use handcrafted pieces to add a layer of warmth and lived-in comfort.

Acts as a focal point: When entering a room, our eyes naturally seek out a central point. A strategically placed piece of art, like a large abstract canvas, can become the star of the show, drawing attention and anchoring the design. 

Unleashes your inner Picasso: Interior design wall art pieces are opportunities to express your creativity and add uniqueness to your space. Use unconventional pieces and think out of the box for the art’s subject.   

Complements other design elements: You can use wall art to play a supporting role. It can complement existing décor, balance a crowded space, or tie a room together by influencing the color scheme. 

Offers wall paint inspiration: Choosing wall paint colors can be overwhelming. Instead of staring at endless swatches, why not let your art be the guide? Pick a color palette inspired by your chosen artwork, using complementary tones or creating a bold contrast. 

7 trendy types of art to transform the interior space

Interior design and paintings speak volumes, and below are seven trendy types of VinchyArt wall art that will have your interior spaces begging for a transformation:  

  1. Minimalist zen art

The minimalist zen art embraces simplicity and clean lines, fostering a sense of tranquility. Think muted tones, natural textures like rice paper, and sparse compositions featuring organic shapes like bamboo or rocks. This interior design wall art is perfect for creating a calming vibe in a bedroom, living room, or meditation space.

2. Black or white texture art

Bold and graphic, black and white texture art helps to add a touch of drama and sophistication to any space. The key lies in the play of textures, using raised surfaces, contrasting finishes, and geometric patterns. This high-impact art makes a statement in an entryway, living room, or modern kitchen.

3. Wabi-sabi art

Inspired by Japanese aesthetics, Wabi-Sabi art celebrates imperfection and the beauty of natural flaws. Expect muted colors, rough textures, and asymmetrical compositions. Cracked pottery incorporated into artwork or paintings featuring weathered wood are common themes.  This art brings a touch of rustic elegance to living rooms, bedrooms, or even bathrooms.

4. Animal painting 

For the pop-culture enthusiast, animal paintings inject a burst of energy and color into a space.  These vibrant pieces capture the essence of animals with expressive characters, dynamic scenes, and bold outlines. Animal wall paintings are ideal for game rooms, bedrooms, or even a creative workspace.

5. Sports paintings

Not just for the die-hard fan, sports paintings can add a touch of movement and excitement to a room. These pieces capture the essence of various sports through dynamic brushstrokes, realistic details, or abstract interpretations. Sports paintings are a perfect fit for living rooms, home gyms, or even a kid's bedroom.

6. Landscape art

A timeless classic, landscape art brings the beauty of the outdoors into your home. From peaceful mountain vistas to dramatic seascapes, landscapes offer a sense of serenity and connection to nature. This versatile art form complements various styles, from traditional to contemporary, and works well in living rooms, bedrooms, or even hallways.

7. Urbanscape art 

For a dose of city life, this art captures the energy and character of urban environments. This can include skylines, bustling streets, or architectural details rendered in a variety of styles, from photorealistic to impressionistic. Urbanscape art adds a touch of sophistication and a modern edge to living rooms, offices, or even a teen's bedroom.

How to display art in your interior? 

Displaying an interior designer wall art should be a walk in the park. Here is a cheat sheet for different rooms and spaces: 

  • Art in the bedroom

While the traditional spot for bedroom art is the large wall above the headboard, for optimal sleep, it's best to choose calming themes and colors. Use neutral tones to create a tranquil environment that complements the existing decor. Use artwork that subtly connects to the bedside lamp, tray, candle holder, and even the coffee table. It creates a cohesive and restorative atmosphere through unexpected details. Visit VinchyArt for a variety of bedroom wall art, including thoughtful color palettes to make the space more cozy.

  • Art in the living room

As the heart of the home and a space for entertainment, living rooms offer more freedom for a relaxed yet impactful display. Move beyond rigid rules and embrace arrangements that reflect your style. Consider scale since a statement piece above the sofa creates a focal point, while smaller works can be grouped for balance. While the ideal hanging height is usually around eye level, lowering a piece to align with the back of a sofa can unify the space. Think beyond hanging and consider lean oversized art for a casual vibe, and showcase framed pieces on console tables and bookshelves. Also, lighting is key, and strategically placed sconces or table lamps can highlight your artwork and create a warm ambiance.

  • Art in the corridor

Often overlooked as just a passageway, corridors hold hidden design potential. For long, narrow corridors, a simple linear arrangement like a modern gallery works best. This approach creates an illusion of depth, adding a new dimension to a confined space. Irregular or oddly shaped corridors offer even more possibilities for dramatic art compositions. For example, you can create rhythm and movement using playful wall art arrangements. Use contrasting colors to harmonize the pieces and transform the corridor with renewed vitality. With each visit, the artwork energizes those passing through, turning the utilitarian space into a mini-gallery experience. Check out VinchyArt's collection for a broad selection of hand-crafted paintings.


  • Art in the bathroom

With modern interior design trends from VinchyArt, you can transform a bathroom into a beautiful space and elevate the entire relaxation experience. These designs blur the lines between practicality and style, allowing you to personalize your bathroom. Remember, your bathroom size dictates the choice of art. Smaller pieces are ideal, but size doesn't diminish the impact. You can always hang the wall art on less humid walls to increase longevity and also ensure proper lighting. Place the piece at a height where water hardly reaches and where your eyes can see it as you take a shower. 

Where can interior designers find amazing artwork?

VinchyArt is the place to be when shopping for interior design wall art. They have handcrafted pieces for every space, and below is why interior designers buy from them frequently: 

100% original interior design wall art: All VinchyArt paintings are hand-painted and made to order. This means you're getting a one-of-a-kind artwork created by skilled painters and artists who take pride in their work.    

Canvas of different sizes: VinchyArt offers a perfect art piece for all your walls. It caters to walls of all dimensions with a wide range of canvas sizes, including small, medium, large, and extra large.  

Versatile style for different settings: VinchyArt artwork is ideal for various places. You can use these pieces to elevate the interior decor in your home, office, club, restaurant, shop, gym, etc.  

Flexibility for personalization: VinchyArt caters to your preferences by offering artwork rolled or framed. Rolled pieces arrive in secure tubes, while framed options come in high-quality boxes. Also, the artist can add their signature on the front or back upon request.

Highly durable paint and canvas: Art pieces are made using museum-grade cotton canvas for increased longevity. They also use non-toxic paint to ensure the interior design wall art is safe for display in your space. 

Fast art production: VinchyArt’s skilled artists usually take about seven days to complete an original painting. This allows them to craft the hand-painted piece carefully, and waiting for it is totally worth it.

Free shipping: At VinchyArt, you don’t have to worry about the shipping process. They do everything for you, which usually takes between 3 to 7 business days. The preferred shipping companies are DHL and FedEx.

Hassle-free returns and exchanges: VinchyArt offers a 30-day return window for eligible items with a full refund. Additionally, they'll replace any artwork damaged during transit free of charge.


With this diverse range of art forms at your fingertips, you can transform any space into a captivating environment. Consider experimenting with different VinchyArt wall art and express your artistic self with 100% original pieces. Simply send them a request to tailor the size, style, color palette, or subject matter. They'll reply with a quote within 8 hours. Order your interior designer wall art from VinchyArt today. You will leave a lasting impression on everyone who enters your space!


What art is best for interior?

The "best" wall art for your interior depends entirely on your personal taste and the mood you want to create! However, VinchyArt offers a variety of factors to consider. These include size options to fit any space, styles suitable for diverse settings, and customization choices like framed or rolled canvas. Most importantly, their high-quality, hand-painted pieces ensure a unique and beautiful focal point for any room.

How should art fit on a wall?

When considering how art should fit on a wall, think about both scale and balance. For the size, aim for the artwork to be roughly ⅔ to ¾ the width of the furniture it hangs above or the entire wall if there's no furniture. This creates a visually pleasing composition. As for balance, consider hanging art at eye level, around 57 inches from the center of the artwork. However, this rule can be flexible in living rooms. You can lower a piece to align with the back of a sofa for a cohesive flow. Check out VinchyArt for various interior design wall art sizes for different wall spaces. 

How does art change a room?

Interior design wall art acts as a transformative force in any room, allowing you to tell a story through your walls and create a space that feels uniquely you. It transcends mere decoration, setting the mood, reflecting your personality, and breathing life into the space. A carefully chosen piece draws the eye and sparks conversations. Artworks can influence the entire atmosphere. Tranquil landscapes can promote serenity in a bedroom while bold abstracts energize a workspace. If you want to improve your space using art, VinchyArt has the perfect collection for every need. 

Does interior design include furniture?

Absolutely! Furniture is a cornerstone of interior design. It plays a critical role in shaping a space's functionality, style, and overall feel. From selecting pieces that complement the layout to arranging them for optimal flow, interior designers consider furniture as an essential element in crafting a beautiful and livable space. Besides furniture, wall art is another critical element that can transform any room. To find the best hand-crafted interior designer wall art, check out VinchyArt. They have different art types, styles, and tastes.  

Is interior design part of art?

Interior design occupies a fascinating space between art and science. While it uses artistic principles like color theory, composition, and balance to create beautiful and functional spaces, it also prioritizes practical considerations like furniture layout, traffic flow, and lighting. Unlike pure art forms that focus solely on expression, successful interior design must cater to the needs and lifestyle of the user. So, it's like a bridge between artistic vision and real-world functionality. Check out VinchyArt for trendy interior design wall art pieces and elevate your home or office instantly. 

Does art help with interior design?

Yes. Art is significant in interior design! It goes beyond mere decoration, functioning as an extension of your personality and a tool to elevate your space. Art allows you to tell a story, evoke emotions, and create a space that reflects your unique style. It can be a source of inspiration, a conversation starter, or simply a window to a world of beauty. Choosing the right pieces allows you to express yourself and truly transform a house into a home. If you want art resources for interior designers, visit the VinchyArt website. They've something for everyone!

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