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Article: Wall Art Buying Guide: Tips for Choosing Stunning Art Wall Hangings

Wall Art Buying Guide: Tips for Choosing Stunning Art Wall Hangings

Wall Art Buying Guide: Tips for Choosing Stunning Art Wall Hangings

With this wall art buying guide, you can design your space with unique aesthetics and build a home out of an ordinary setting. We aim to offer you amazing ideas for selecting an artwork with a magical feel to it. So, if you’re looking to elevate your space but don’t know where to start, we’ve got your back! Dive into Vinchy Art’s painting collection and explore the world of imagination and art.

Benefits of displaying wall art in your space

People often wonder what’s the point of adding art to your space when you can just get on with your life without it. Well, it is through art that you stay connected to your humanity. Here are 5 great benefits of displaying wall art in your space:

  • Reflects your nature
  • Displaying a wall art of your style reflects your personality. Through artworks that you can relate to, you don’t lose contact with your hobbies. If you’re interested in surfing, or are a surfer yourself, a stunning surfing wall art can depict that part of your life. Similarly, if you are a traveler, paintings of landscapes and oceans can help you stay in contact with your interest in exploring the world. 

  • Provides escapism through colors
  • By including colorful art pieces in your space, you create a place for yourself to escape from the monotony of life. It provides an escape into a beautiful imaginary world from harsh realities. It allows you to keep your relationship with the universe to refresh your soul. Paintings of flowers, trees, the sky, and the ocean, promote serenity and peace.

  • Creates a focal point
  • Wall art creates a center of attention in a large room with minimalist furniture and decor. With contrasting colors, it makes your space look spacious and welcoming. A painting of larger size and bold style when facing the rest of the decor, leaves an impact on the viewers. It also establishes the mood of the space. For instance, a bold abstract painting reflects the aesthetic spirit of the space, while a minimalist painting with geometric patterns highlights the rest of the decor. 

  • Holds the space together
  • By incorporating wall art into your space, you amplify its aesthetic value. Your space looks alive by radiating positive energies. Moreover, the rest of the decor comes together and a sense of harmony is felt simply by hanging the right painting. You can learn more about how to find the right painting for your space in the sections below. 

  • Serves as an icebreaker
  • A gorgeously placed wall art can strike conversations in new gatherings. You can use it as a way to introduce yourself and give your guests an insight into your personality. If the artwork is close to your heart, you can share its significance and allow people to view it from their perspectives. An abstract wall art is an ideal icebreaker. 

    Popular types of wall art to elevate your space 

    Some of the most popular types of wall art that you can display to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your space are:

  • Wabi Sabi Wall Art
  • Wabi Sabi art is based on the Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in the imperfect world. Also known as the Japanese Art of Impermanence, it explores the depth of the mundane things of life. This type of art is shown in the form of minimalist paintings that may appear meaningless, but hold great importance within their simplistic depictions. 

    You can find Wabi Sabi art in up to 10 colors and multiple styles, including textured and colorful art from Vinchy Art. 

  • Abstract Wall Art
  • Abstract wall art forms a perfect balance of reality and imagination. The complex elements of life are portrayed from a fantastic point of view allowing the artist, as well as the viewer, to explore their individuality and perceive the world on their terms. Moreover, the bold colors used in abstract paintings are perfect to add life to your space.

    Vinchy Art offers abstract paintings in almost 11 colors with subjects varying from landscapes, flowers, and trees to the ocean.

  • Minimalist Wall Art
  • Minimalist wall art has been gaining a lot of popularity in modern design. It focuses on soft colors, like white, beige, and brown, and serves as a decor item that matches the rest of your space. Mostly the color palette used in minimalist art is monotone. However, through simple colors, it presents a perceptible view of nature. This type of art is ideally displayed in bedrooms, living rooms, and staircases.

    Minimalist paintings are available in almost 7 colors at Vinchy Art at reasonable prices and in multiple formats and styles.

    Offers too good to miss

    Vinchy Art offers reasonable prices and discounts for 100% customer satisfaction. 

    • Avail a 30% discount on your first order.
    • Relish a 25% discount on our summer sale.
    • Purchase any artwork in 4 interest-free installments.
    • Enjoy free delivery worldwide.
    • Customize your order based on the size, style, or subject.
    • Replace or return an illegible item within 30 days without any hassle.

    How to choose the best wall art 

    Decorating your space with the best wall art is an interesting experience as it lets you channel the inner artist in you. To help you in the process, we have listed 7 steps for immaculately displaying your favorite art piece. 

    1. Decide which room you will decorate 

    The first and foremost step is to decide which room you want to decorate. If you want to design the look of your home, pick the room that is used the most. In the majority of the cases, it is the living room. On the other hand, if it’s a public space like a cafe or an exhibition center, choose the corner that is at the focal point. 

    Use the art piece to bring the attention of your guests and enhance the rest of the decorations in the room. Additionally, the size of the room you’re decorating should be considered. You don’t want to create a cluttered mess, so be mindful that you have enough wall space. All these factors are important to consider before purchasing an artwork. 

    2. Think about how you want the room to feel 

    There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to selecting an art piece. Since art is all about embracing your subjectivity, any artwork based on your personal experiences can be the one for you. It should reflect your preferences and allow you to connect with it.

    However, if you’re unsure what type of art would go well with your space, think of the tone you want to set for the room. It can be cozy, spiritual, traditional, natural, or modern. For instance, for a rather soothing mood, a beautiful zen painting made with minimalist colors is perfect. At the end of the day, it all depends on your liking. 

    3. Determine the artwork scale and positioning

    Another important step is to understand the positioning of your artwork. It should cover around 60-75% of your space. The ideal location is the focal wall. Your artwork should be displayed where the eye meets it instantly as soon as you enter the room. 

    For instance, if it’s a bedroom, the wall art can be hung on top of the bed. Similarly, the best place to hang an artwork in a living room is on the most prominent wall that faces the furniture. For the most appealing results, hang the artwork at eye level. So, sight lines are important to consider for perfect positioning. 

    Besides, consider the lighting of the room. Pick a place where the light shines brightly but does not cause the artwork to glare. 

    Once you have decided on the placement of your wall art, determine its size. A bigger painting on a small wall can make it look cluttered. Similarly, one small scale on a large empty wall makes it appear unimpressive. 

    4. Experiment with different artwork colors and styles

    To find the perfect art piece for your wall art, consider the color palette of your room and pick a painting that matches its style. You can experiment with a variety of colors and styles. If you’re going for an earthy look, beige paintings with natural undertones would help you set the perfect tone. However, confining yourself strictly to the colors you’ve added to the decor isn’t necessary. 

    You can create a contrast of colors and hang the painting close to the decor items of multiple colors. For instance, if your furniture is wooden and the color palette is brown, a bold abstract wall art can help you subtly break the color. This helps you bring attention to the painting. 

    5. Pair your wall art with your room decor 

    Turning your space into an oasis of aestheticism and modern art, pick a wall art design that serves as an extension of your decor. Let’s say that you like keeping indoor plants. An artwork of flowers and trees would be the perfect pick for you. Similarly, if you have traditional lamps in your bedroom with Victorian-styled curtains, a minimalist painting can help you balance it out.

    Even if you like contrasting colors, make sure that the wall art you choose has at least some hints of the room decor. If one enters your room, the painting should appear as a part of the design, not as an outsider. 

    6. Choose the right frame

    You can choose the right frame for your painting after familiarizing yourself with the feel of your space. Secondly, you need to consider the dominant colors in the painting. You don’t want to match the color with the frame exactly. However, the theme of the painting can help you determine the right frame. Moreover, the location of the painting and its size can help you pick a frame. 

    A monochrome frame can be right in a modern space of white or beige. Meanwhile, a wooden frame could suit a more vintage painting placed in a traditional setting. But, you must keep in mind that framing an artwork is not just limited to its aesthetics. It also works as a shield for your painting and prevents it from damage. So, while being mindful of its appearance in your space, also consider what’s good for the painting!

    7. Evaluate your budget 

    Budget evaluation is an integral step in purchasing any art piece. Instead of impulsive shopping, invest in a work that is right for your space. While evaluating the budget you want to spend on the wall art, consider account sales tax, shipping charges, and the installment fee. 

    Moreover, it is advised to purchase one piece at a time. This helps you collect the original works of different artists without causing a significant impact on your budget.

    Where to find art wall paintings for sale?

    Finding wall art paintings from authentic places can be tricky. However, at Vinchy Art you don’t need to worry about the quality and originality of the paintings. So, visit our website, select a wall art you like, and leave the rest to us.

    About Vinchy Art’s paintings

    Are you searching for a 100% original painting? Look no further! Vinchy Art’s talented artists hand-paint each piece with love and care. You can feel the artist’s essence in every art piece and interpret it on your own terms. Moreover, you can get a customized painting with your size, style, and subject preferences. 

    Due to the variations in frame sizes, orientations, styles, and themes, our art pieces are highly versatile. Vinchy Art prioritizes the quality of every product and the safety of its customers. For this very reason, our paintings are crafted with finesse from non-toxic paint on museum-grade cotton canvases. They are waterproof and moisture-proof, making them ideal for outdoor settings. The three-layer varnish makes sure the artwork neither fades nor cracks. 

    On top of that, the paintings arrive ready to hang with pre-installed hardware for your convenience. Besides, the artwork is shown to you before shipment and is only sent to its new home when you are completely satisfied with it. 

    In addition to reasonable prices and free delivery, Vinchy Art offers a refund or exchange facility within 30 days if you’re unsatisfied with the artwork.

    So, what are you waiting for? Visit Vinchy Art and explore our art collection to pick your favorite one!

    Deliver your dream painting 100%

    Every art piece at Vinchy Art is hand-painted and signed by our esteemed artists. Once you place your order, you are constantly involved throughout the process. You receive regular updates on your order in the form of photos and videos demonstrating the progress of the artwork. We aim to make sure you get exactly what you want. So, don’t hesitate to ask for any changes in the shades and colors of your painting along the way. The artwork is only shipped via FedEx/DHL when we know with certainty that you are 100% satisfied. Remember, your happiness is our topmost priority! 

    Production time

    It usually takes 5-7 days to complete an original art piece. But, trust us! Once you see the end result, you will understand what we mean when we say that the wait is worth it! 

    Free shipping

    We offer free shipping all across the globe. It typically takes 3-7 business days from the date of shipment via FedEx/DHL to reach your doorstep. 

    Hassle-free returns and exchanges

    Vinchy Art provides hassle-free returns and exchanges on illegible items. You can easily return or exchange any artwork within 30 days of delivery. We provide full refunds on returned items and also allow you to exchange them, if necessary. 

    Simply, email us at with the order number and an image of the piece that might have been damaged during shipment. Make sure to send back the item in its original package and condition within 30 days. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible and handle the rest of the logistics to ensure a smooth and quick replacement of your item.


    Vinchy Art offers rolled or framed options for each artwork. The rolled artworks are sent to their new home in a durable hard paper tube, while the framed artworks are secured in a high-grade wooden box. In addition, to ensure quality, each painting created with professional oil/acrylic paints on high-quality linen canvases arrives at your doorstep ready to hang. 

    Our art pieces are lightweight and are sent your way with pre-installed hardware. Moreover, they are signed by our artists on the back of the canvas. However, if you prefer the signature on the front lower-right corner of the canvas, the change can be made upon request.


    Vinchy Art offers you a chance to customize your favorite wall art. You can modify the size, color, style, or subject matter of your artwork by simply sending a request via email ( or WhatsApp (+1 949 491 1660). Our team responds to your request within 8 hours. 


    Selecting a wall art that brings out the true essence of your space can be a bit tricky. However, with the right information and plenty of diverse art options, you can experiment with multiple colors and styles. This allows you to channel your artistic self and elevate your space. Vinchy Art provides you with authentic and beautifully crafted art pieces that are destined to transform your space into a comfortable haven. With a variety in size, colors, themes, and subject matters, you will surely find a piece for your wall art here. Our skilled artists hand-paint each piece with love and care, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Vinchy Art today and build a stunning space.


    How do I choose a wall art frame?

    While choosing the frame for your wall art, consider its color, material, and style. Make sure that it enhances the subject of the painting and aligns with the decor in your room. Moreover, the location of the artwork is an integral factor to consider. For a modern setting, a monochrome frame is a good option, while for a vintage setting, a good-quality wooden frame with rustic colors would suit the space. You can explore different frame styles and sizes at Vinchy Art to fit into your space. So, visit our website today and learn about our framing options.

    How do you match wall art with furniture?

    If the furniture has a lighter undertone, wall art that depicts bold or dark colors would be better. Similarly, in the case of more extravagant furniture with heavy decor, you might want wall art with soft colors like white or beige. This helps you balance the space and avoid creating a cluttered mess. If you want to look through differently-styled paintings, Vinchy Art is the place for you. We have paintings, ranging from soft beige and brown colors to bold and bright abstract art of nature. So, without any further ado, visit our website today!

    Should wall art frames match?

    Not necessarily. Matching wall frames work best in minimalist settings. However, if you want to experiment with colors and create an eclectic look, adding different colored frames of varying widths and sizes can be a nice way. You can find varying frame sizes and designs at Vinchy Art at very reasonable prices. We also provide you with an option to order unframed artwork. So, click on our website today and find countless art frames in matching and different styles.

    How to coordinate wall art?

    Coordinating wall art relies on your preferences. For a balanced and cohesive look, you can get two or three paintings with the same color palettes and style. Keeping the theme similar is ideal for this. Moreover, you might want to hang paintings with multiple sizes equally distanced from each other to create a nice wall gallery that appeals to the viewers. You can find gorgeous sets of 2 paintings at Vinchy Art if you feel unsure about coordinating the art on your own. Visit our website now and craft a harmonious space decorated with original wall art.

    How to balance wall art?

    To balance wall art, arrange the heavier paintings at the bottom left of the wall, since the eye moves from the bottom left. Moreover, if you have an equal number of paintings of similar sizes and one larger painting, placing the larger one in the middle is the key. One other thing to keep in mind while arranging the wall art is to distance each painting equally apart from one another. Keeping the group of paintings at the center of the wall is also very important. You can find paintings in various orientations and sizes at Vinchy Art. We also give you the option to customize any painting and adjust the size and style accordingly. So, visit us today and take your wall art to another level! 

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