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Article: What Is Minimalist Art? A Buyer's Guide

What Is Minimalist Art? A Buyer's Guide

What Is Minimalist Art? A Buyer's Guide

Are you looking to decorate your room's wall with minimalist art? Your search ends here. Art is the easiest and the most effective way to express your creativity in home decor. Whether it's a painting on your front wall or a gorgeous wall-hanging frame in your living room, minimalist art subtly complements the aesthetics of your house. The best part? You can mix and match its color scheme with your curtains, furniture, or other decorative items around. Let's dive into the world of minimalist art and help you become an art guru.

What is minimalist art?

Inspired by the idea of minimalism that promotes simplicity, minimalist art deals with simplistic abstract patterns, shapes, and geometry. It dates back to 1960, when it first surfaced as a type of decorative art. However, even in earlier times, minimalist art did exist in some form as people had moved away from ornate style fancy art styles and adopted a more minimalistic approach.

Moreover, minimalistic art uses hard edges, limited color palettes, and precise lines on geometric shapes that can be repetitive. Its entire ideology sits on truth, simplicity, and honesty, where artists express themselves without going all crazy with colors and shapes.

When you decide to create minimalistic art yourself, note that this type of art differs from conventional art because it mainly focuses on real-world aspects such as people, landscapes, and everyday objects. So, it's direct and simple, and it instantly gets the expression across to the viewers.

What are the characteristics of minimalist art?
Still not sure about what minimalist art is? Let's jot it down for you:
  • Simplicity: Minimalistic art consists of very limited color combinations. It can even be just black and white.
  • Repetitive geometry: It's made of hard edges, abstract images, and repetitive geometric shapes such as simple patterns.
  • Necessity-based: It removes unnecessary details and items and adopts a minimal and simple approach by only keeping the necessary components in an art piece.
  • Lack of expression: Although it's an extension of conventional abstract art, it doesn't carry any underlying meaning or deeper philosophy. Rather, it's all about aesthetics, structure, and texture rather than deep expression.

Examples of minimalist wall art

Are you looking for a stunning minimalistic art painting to decorate your new house? Read on to discover the six elegant abstract paintings that will enhance the aesthetics of your house while keeping a minimal vibe.
  1. Minimalistic Balance Canvas Painting #MM017

If you are a fan of white minimal aesthetics for your house, this Minimal Balance Canvas Painting is perfect. It has subtle brush strokes that give a protruding outlook to your painting. Additionally, its color scheme makes it a versatile and minimal art painting that goes well with dark or light-colored walls alike. If that's not enough, its availability in different canvas sizes allows you to order one for your living room or the main drawing room.
Minimalistic Balance Canvas Painting #MM017
  1. Minimalist Zen Canvas Painting #MZ020

Do you have a great grey sofa sitting along a wall? The Minimalist Zen Canvas Painting can be a great addition to your decor. It comes in a lighter black shade with unique patterns that enrich its light dispersion. It will also make an eye-catching contrast with a white colored vase near it. This painting is an optimum option for larger rooms as it's horizontal, and its maximum size can cover a large area of your wall.
Minimalist Zen Canvas Painting #MZ020
  1. Minimalist Zen Canvas Painting #MZ034

With its gorgeous wooden frame, this painting can change the outlook of your room when combined with the right brown-shaded furniture. Especially, if you like cozy wooden vibes for your house, this is the painting for you. So, paint your wall white, and place this Zen Canvas Painting as a wall hanging to find a new perspective on your home decor.
Minimalist Zen Canvas Painting #MZ034
  1. Minimalist Zen Canvas Painting #MZ024

Are you a fan of a black-and-white minimal look for your living room? This Zen Canvas Painting can be a unique addition to your collection. Its rough brush strokes make it elegant as it would sit well with any white furniture. It also comes with multiple frame options including black, silver, white, wood, and gold. Hence, it's a great horizontal painting that would change the outlook of your living room with proper sunlight.
Minimalist Zen Canvas Painting #MZ024
  1. Minimalist Zen Canvas Painting #MZ033

This Zen Canvas Painting can be an elegant yet minimal addition to your wall-hanging collection. Made with professional oil paints and a high-quality linen canvas, it can cover an entire wall. It's great for entrance lobbies with a white light ambiance. Moreover, despite its large size, it is extremely lightweight, so installing it on your wall is hassle-free.
Minimalist Zen Canvas Painting #MZ033
  1. Minimalistic Balance Canvas Painting #MM112

If you love striking black-and-white wall art that stands out with prominent shapes and patterns, this is the painting for you. The Minimalistic Balance Canvas Painting has a horizontal aspect ratio and covers a wide portion of your wall. Combine it with off-white, white, or black furniture and decorative items, and your room will narrate tales of elegance.
Minimalistic Balance Canvas Painting #MM112

How to DIY minimalist wall art

Do you have a great art idea in mind? Let's make it a reality. Creating minimal art is simple as it's not like the conventional fancy art types. Let's learn how:
Step 1: Preparation
Prepare a room with good lighting and start by placing a huge piece of cardboard beneath the canvas. Choose a room with plenty of space to walk around the canvas freely.
Step 2: Start mixing
Sketch out a rough pattern on the canvas of the shapes and geometry that you want to create. Now, mix the filler and water in a 50/50 ratio. This ratio is crucial as it allows you to comfortably pour and mold the mix according to your preference. Depending on the material, you will have around 20 minutes to mold the mixture in any shape before it hardens and becomes permanent.
Step 3: Pouring time
It's time for the fun part. Pour the mixture into the area you wish to paint. Grab a spoon and carefully push the mix to the edges of the shape you initially sketched. Also, push the mixture into the canvas as it will bind to the base.
Next, wait for about 10 minutes and then push the mixture outwards, starting from the center of your shape. Make sure you go all the way up to the edges. Repeat this process, and you will create a ripple or wave effect.
To create a raindrop effect, add some mixture to your spoon and let it fall on the canvas. Depending on the duration for which you hold the spoon and let the mixture fall on the canvas, you can achieve different heights with the raindrop effect.
Leave the canvas for around 12-24 hours for things to solidify.
Step 4: Filling in the gaps
By this point, most of your canvas should be filled. However, you might notice some gaps between different shapes that need to be filled. These must be subtly filled by avoiding heavy pouring so you don't flatten the entire canvas.
Start by creating a new 60/40 mixture. Using a spoon, precisely pour in the thin gaps between various shapes and subtly push it to the edges of the shapes. Wait for 5 minutes, and then use your spoon to wiggle the freshly poured mixture to add some texture. Now, it may look complete and ready for use.
Leave the canvas to try for 24-48 hours.
Step 5: Hang the masterpiece
Did you like what you crafted? It's time to hang it on a wall. Using a frame is not recommended, as it might crack the canvas. So carefully hang it on a wall using nails or clips. Ensure it is hung on a safe wall and your masterpiece isn't bumped by someone.
If you are unsatisfied with your DIY art experiment, you can always order one online. A great place to get elegant minimal wall art is Vinchyart; it offers high-quality wall art paintings crafted with love by highly skilled artists who paint with passion and emotion.

How to decorate your wall with minimalist art without looking cheap?

The outlook of your walls in any setting decides the overall elegance of that place. Whether it's your office, home, restaurant, or exhibition center, wall art beautifies your environment. Here are some pro tips that will give your walls the elegance they deserve:
  • Use restrained color themes: Don't add every color you know to your painting. Especially, for offices, going with a black or white minimal wall art can simplify things. Having a colorful art wall in your office can overwhelm you with distractions. While, a minimal wall art that only has a maximum of 3 colors can increase productivity and focus.
  • Use simple patterns: Have you ever noticed how minimalistic houses are so peaceful to live in? Using fancy structures in your wall art can make your room messy. Rather, use a simpler and neater pattern for your wall art, as it will look elegant yet peaceful.
  • The bigger, the better: If you have to put wall art in a restaurant gallery, you might need something prominent. Rather than using a collage of paintings, you can use one big wall hanging that strikes out from its surroundings. This can be patterns, geometry, or even one big text.
The core idea is to select high-end minimalistic art. You can get top-quality minimal art from Vinchyart's large collection of paintings that are tailored for minimalism and convey elegance with simplicity.

Minimalist art paintings for sale

Buying a minimal art piece for your room or office can be tricky as it's not everyone's strong suit. Hence, follow these tips before you hit that checkout button:
  • Buy what you love. When you look at art, it should capture your heart in the 1st look. If you find yourself doubting, it's not for you. So, only buy art that attracts you at first sight.
  • Set a budget for yourself. When it comes to art, there is a lot of expensive stuff out there. Hence, choose a reasonable seller that doesn't compromise quality and falls within your budget.
  • Choose a color scheme. For example, if you buy a minimalist art painting for your lounge, you should try matching it with the furniture, curtains, or other decorative items. You can go with the matching strategy or contrast strategy. Both look equally elegant as long as you don't go too fancy.
  • Last but not least, quality matters. Learn about the materials used in the art you want to buy. So you know if it's durable and refined enough to use on your wall. Cheap wall art can easily lose colors or quality over time.
At Vinchyart, you get premium minimalist art that retains its color, quality, and sharpness for longer periods. With their versatile collection of minimalistic art, you get hundreds of options for your home decor ventures —and that too at reasonable pricing.

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