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Acrylic abstract paintings for sale

 Elevate your personal space with a Vinchy Art high-quality acrylic abstract painting that resonates with your spirit and brings out the colors around you.

Acrylic abstract paintings for sale

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Are you looking for an acrylic abstract painting that will elevate your indoor and outdoor space? Worry no more! Vinchy Art is the place where you can find an abstract acrylic painting on canvas in various styles allowing you to connect with the world around you through art. Abstract art is a way to view reality from the perspective of imagination. This relationship allows you to learn about the truths of life and the nature that resides around you. Whether in the form of abstract acrylic flower paintings or masterfully crafted abstract landscape paintings, Vinchy Art allows you to bridge your gaps with nature.

What are acrylic abstract paintings?

Acrylic abstract paintings are colorful and vibrant artworks that require an insightful mind to comprehend and appreciate. With the use of acrylic paints, the layers created by each brushstroke in these paintings encourage you to delve into the world of art. It is an expression of deeper human emotions through bold colors that take you to a realm of self-discovery. The spiritual connection of abstract paintings creates a welcoming space for you to interpret the artwork based on your experiences.

Why choose acrylic for abstract art?

Abstract art is gaining more attention with the recent developments in the field of art. Some of the reasons why acrylic paint is ideal for abstract art include:

  • Texture: Since abstract paintings gain their true essence from well-defined textures, the strong pigmentation of acrylic paint is perfect for that. These textures allow the artist and the viewer to establish an ongoing connection with one another.
  • Bold Layers: Acrylic paint allows you to add layers of fine details on your canvas that instantly catch the attention of the audience. Through smartly placed layers, you get to engage with the artwork to grasp the underlying meaning behind each layer.
  • Durability: Due to its water-resistant nature, acrylic artworks do not crack and gain durability over time. This feature ensures the abstract painting lasts longer and maintains its original quality. 
  • Vibrancy: The acrylic colors are more vibrant and create a rather eye-catching painting which is the ultimate purpose of abstract art. The complex task of engaging the viewer with the painting requires colors that create a lasting impact on the viewer. And this is best achieved by acrylics. 
  • Affordable: Acrylic paint is affordable and more easily accessible compared to other paints you find in the market. Even a small tube lasts longer while ensuring the high quality of the abstract artwork. 

Popular acrylic abstract paintings

Acrylic abstract paintings come in different designs, such as geometric patterns, expressive brushstrokes, minimalist, flowers, landscapes, etc. 

  • Geometric patterns express meaning through symmetrical shapes and rhythmic compositions. Such gorgeous artwork available on Vinchy Art ensures balance and clear precision that give an insight into the beauty that lies behind monotony.
  • Expressive brushstrokes in acrylic abstract paintings convey the spontaneity of life while engaging the viewer to dive into the process of painting. On Vinchy Art, you can find subtly painted artworks as well as the ones with bold colors.
  • Minimalist abstract paintings are a way to represent the complexities of emotions through simple colors that are easy on the eyes and fill the empty walls of your home. You can find such spiritually engaging minimalist paintings on Vinchy Art.  
  • Flower paintings enhance the aura of your home by incorporating nature into it. Connect with nature through Vinchy Art’s flower painting collection and witness the underlying depth of an artist’s creative process. 
  • Landscapes in art are a reflection of the innovation of the human mind. Abstract landscape paintings meticulously depict the essence of landscapes while promoting the freedom of thought that comes with the creation of abstract art. Design your space with paintings of urban landscapes and natural landscapes created by the talented artists at Vinchy Art. 

Commissioning a custom acrylic abstract painting

Vinchy Art is a place that welcomes you to fully submerge in the creative process of any artwork. It has art pieces that are suitable for all settings, whether it is a cozy room or a grand hall. Due to its versatility, it is appreciated and used widely by interior designers. So, it’s safe to say that its vast collection has something for everyone! 

If you want to get an art piece that is more personal to you and is based on your experiences and liking, Vichy Art has got your back. It offers customization of your painting order depending on your preferences. You can personalize your desired acrylic abstract art paintings by tailoring the color, size, and scene of the art. All you have to do is send a request to Vinchy Art via email or WhatsApp, and you will be contacted within 8 hours. 

How to pick an acrylic abstract painting that matches my decor?

Picking an acrylic abstract painting that matches your decor can be difficult since it requires a lot of expertise. But, don’t worry! With these key elements, you can choose just the right art piece that will make your space stand out:

  • First, consider the mood and emotion you wish to convey through the art piece. Reflect on yourself and look for a painting that you resonate with the best. For instance, a more naturalistic space with indoor plants would go well with abstract flower paintings to give out cozy vibes. Similarly, a brown and beige geometrical painting would suit a minimalist interior and create a stylish look.
  • Get a better understanding of your space and pick the central wall that points to the rest of the space. If the wall is entirely empty and the room has minimalistic decor, a beautiful flower painting of a larger scale can create a nice balance. However, if your space is heavily furnished, a quaint yet smaller abstract painting of brown and beige color would suit better.
  • Choose the colors of the painting based on your decor. If the overall color scheme is uniform, you can either go for a painting that is in contrast with the colors of your decor or one with a same palette. For example, you can hang a tree and flower abstract painting of bold colors if your decor is beige or white. However, it all depends on how you envision your space to look like.
  • It’s best to hang the painting on a wall that faces sunlight. This helps the colors of a naturalistic painting to pop out and bring the attention of viewers directly towards it. If not, make sure that the wall has some light on it to make the painting be the center of attention. 
  • Another important consideration is the frame size and style. If you want to go for a single painting on the entire wall, a rather larger scale with an exquisite frame is better. However, if you want to create a collage of paintings, minimalist frames of smaller size work best.

Be mindful of the painting you pick but most importantly, trust your instincts. Art is meant to bring out emotions and sentiments that are otherwise not understood. Any artwork that allows you to experience joy and comfort can be the one for you!


Acrylic abstract paintings are perfect for artist connoisseurs who wish to grow through the world of art. The reason abstract paintings gained attention in recent years is that they provide an escape that is welcoming and appreciative of your individual experiences. You can get such artwork from Vinchy Art and embark on the journey of self-discovery! 

Vinchy Art’s vast collection of acrylic abstract art paintings provides you with countless options to design your space and incorporate the beauty that resides in the natural world with your interior.

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